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Tesco Pledge To Support British Farmers

I received an email today explaining Tesco’s plans to support British farmers and source it’s produce locally.

You’ve told us that you want to buy British. And that the journey from farm to fork should be far less complicated.

The email states that Tesco’s beef products already come from the UK and the Republic of Ireland, and as of July, all their fresh chickens will come from UK farms.

Here is the rest of the email:

Philip ClarkeFollowing my last email to you explaining what we are doing to review how we source our food and sharing the progress we are making on our testing programme, today I am announcing some new commitments.

I know that the discovery of horsemeat in products sold in several major retailers, including Tesco, has shaken your trust in food retailers and the products we sell.

You’ve told us that you want to buy British. And that the journey from farm to fork should be far less complicated.
I’ve listened to what you have said and we’re making some real and lasting changes.

Today I make you a promise. Tesco is going to bring the food we sell closer to home. We’re going to make how we source our food simpler, more transparent and shorter, and we will build better relationships with our nation’s farmers.

We are the UK’s biggest retailer, the biggest customer of UK agriculture and I firmly believe that we should be the best supporter of British farmers.

Already, all of our beef – fresh, frozen and in ready meals – comes from the UK and the Republic of Ireland. So, we have made a start. But events over the past month have reinforced my conviction that we need to move faster and try harder.
As a first step, today I am announcing that from July all of our fresh chickens will come from UK farms. No exceptions. We will also move, over time, to ensure that all the chicken in all of our products – fresh and frozen – is from the British Isles.

We are building on our partnerships with farmers so everyone gets a fair deal. It’s the right thing to do for British agriculture and for you, our customer.

I can assure you that everyone at Tesco is committed to ensuring our entire product range offers the highest quality. This applies as much to our Everyday Value range as to our Finest range. We know that, no matter what you spend, everyone deserves to eat well. Whatever a customer is able to afford, there can be no compromise – what’s on the pack (and only what’s on the pack) is what will be in the product.

Everyone in the food industry has a big job ahead to win back your trust. But I am determined to lead the way, by changing the way Tesco sources food for the better.

The commitments I am making are genuine, and I expect to be held to account for them. That’s why we are also establishing an independent panel to improve the way the supply chain works in practice.

So, in summary

  • We’ll put in place better controls
  • We’ll bring food closer to home
  • We’ll build better relationships with our farmers
  • We’ll create more transparency

Here’s the link to a new website that we are launching today, to keep you informed on our progress. Over time, it will allow you to see where the food you are eating comes from, how it was produced and who produced it.

I am clear it is time to do things differently. As the market leader in the UK, it is our responsibility to lead and it’s what you, our customer expect of us.
Thank you,
Philip Clarke


3 reviews

  1. Fiona Flowers, Nov 09, 2014 - Tesco Pledge To Support British Farmers

    There is nothing on Tesco’s information pages about milk prices. I would be more impressed if you could honestly say you are paying dairy farmers a fair price instead of a loss making one. I don’t care about world markets – these are local farms and cows disappearing. Booths pay the best price to farmers and allow their farms to stay viable. All their milk is fair price – they don’t sell ANY other. Waitrose and M and S also pay a fair price. I would do more shopping at Tesco if I could buy genuinely fair price milk.

       -   Reply
  2. Muriel Jackson, Oct 14, 2015 - Tesco Pledge To Support British Farmers

    I agree. You should at least give us the opportunity of paying more and knowing it will go to the farmer

       -   Reply
  3. Peter, Aug 29, 2018 - Tesco Pledge To Support British Farmers

    2018 And Tesco still supplying chicken in pasta and chicken lunch pots from Thailand. It’s a shame words of a director in such a noble and powerful email are cast aside as so worthless.

       -   Reply

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